The only reason the Haitian government treats Haitian like...

Zac - January 29 2010, 7:29 AM

The only reason the Haitian government treats Haitian like trash is because the Haitian people allow it. Whenever they have a change to elect a decent person to lead the country.

They always go for the crook, the dubious character who doesn't know anything.

If you elect an uneducated trash for president he will treat you like trash.

I pray, I really pray that this earthquake that shook Port-Au-Prince also shook the spirit and the consciousness of Haitians so that they will learn to make better choices.

We deserve better.

I'm not a violent creature but as I watch the way Preval and his government handle the situation I feel they should all be hanged in public for gross incompetence.

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you're right! I don't think they will do it either...


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Zac that's exaclty what I said and how I feel. I am...

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