a marshall plan for haiti

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Today Haiti is struck by a terrible catastrophe far beyond its economic capacity and the earthquake threatens its very existence.

The bells have tolled and extraordinary measures must be taken.

For this reason, we at the Haitian Priorities Project suggest applying a "Marshall Plan" for Haiti:
• $5 billion to help the Haitian people rebuild their livelihood
• $2 billion earmarked for the private sector
• $1 billion for a 1500-megawatt electrical plant
• $1.5 billion to rebuild various government compounds in the 10 departments
• $1 billion for a communication system capable of providing at least 1 million land
• $3 billion to entirely rebuild 5,000 km of roads, connectors, sewers and provide
garbage collection
• $1 billion for 10 national airports in 10 departments
• $1 billion for the agricultural sector
• $2 billion for the school sector
• $2.5 billion for economic development programs
• $700 million for heavy machinery
In total, $20.7 billion is needed to put Haiti back on the way to becoming a modern nation.

If we put this amount in the context of the United States GDP for 2009 20.7/14,305 is less than 1 hundredth of 1 % of the United States GDP and less than the $25 billion spent in 1948 dollars on the Marshall Plan from the European Recovery Program The Marshall Plan, from its inception was known as the European Recovery Program, Haiti given the total destruction of its infrastructures, is well poised for a similar plan which can
be dubbed (Haiti Recovery Plan HRP) without which Haiti will never be a viable nation.

With a total number of 27,750 sq km, Haiti is placed 147 in country comparison of square footage.

It has 190 sq km of water, a country approximately twice the size of Maryland.

Haiti has enough natural resources to build a viable nation, although capital investment is lacking and some natural resources possessed by Haiti are deemed strategic reserves to the United States.

These highlight the unfair treatment received by Haiti from its partners from a geopolitical sense, for example, the conflict with the United States about the Navassa Island.

Haiti has bauxite, copper, calcium carbonate, gold, marble, hydropower and oil.Haiti's population is estimated at 10 million people and has relatively a very young population capable and eager to work.0-14 years: 38.1% (male 1,735,917/female 1,704,383)
15-64 years: 58.5% (male 2,621,059/female 2,665,447)
65 years and over: 3.4% (male 120,040/female 188,690) (2009 est.)P.O. Box 881143 Port
Posted by Jacob François, MBA
Saint Lucie, Florida 3498
Email&#8208;info at hpp4haiti.com
Phone: (312) 735&#8208;6297

Philippe, January 27 2010, 5:13 PM

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