why is preval still there?

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That piece of crap needs to go far away, somewhere in africa, maybe next to Aristid.

My thing is, the West would never go after the Haitian dictators to return all the money they have stolen because the money always goes right back to them. Duvalier stole more than $250,000,000 where does he live?


Aristid lives in a mansion in South Africa, Cedras lives in Panama or Dominican Republic etc...

Its one thief after another.

Its shameful, but its time for the west to stop supporting corrupted governments.

In the end we all become responsible to take care of their people.

The big question is, who's going to manage all that money?

Everybody knows the haitian government is incompetent, so why are we even dealing with them?

tell them to get the F***k out and rebuild the country for the people.

As long as the Haitian government is involved in the reconstruction process, Haiti will stay just like it is. First of all, it is the way it is because of them. The Haitian government should be charged for murder, human rights violation, grand theft, corruption, drug dealing, money laundering.

Those bastards live in palaces while their people are eating dirt.
The Haitians needs to ask him to resign, the dude has a middle school brain, he's not fit to be anything but a car washer.

Jay, January 27 2010, 1:33 AM

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