I guess this ignorant, red neck and jack ass feels better now...

Jon Sejour - January 26 2010, 12:24 AM

I guess this ignorant, red neck and jack ass feels better now about himself...I can tell from his broken written English that his parents, if he ever had any, didn't teech him anything but to look for some good haitians who served as bred basket to his european pirates, crimals and predators...Go back to your stupid history then you will learn what these haitians have to save your race from famine and misery in europe...everything that european have as wealth has been stolen from the caraibbean and africa...You are just a stupid ignorant who has not yet learned anything better than those predators who created all the stupidy as a pretext to steal, rape,kidnap and kill another race who same to have a heart,,,ignorant..there is only one God above...He created man kind just like the nature...it's a diversity that talks of his greatness and creativity..You are too stupid and hearthless to get it...You parents died as haters, stupid,ignorant...you will die the same way...i guess it makes you feel better to have someone else to hate..that way you can forget how boring and senseless your life is...I'am Haitian, black and i'am proud of it...Despite the many wrong doings of some white people, i love each and every one of them...i just can't stand haters and ignorants like your kind...you are a big waste for this earth..


Haitians do not speak french

The biggest challenge of the haitians niggers and the so called dirty light skins who called themselves mulattoes is...

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