oil reserve in Haiti

Sabine - January 24 2010, 4:32 PM

Has anyone heard that scientists have found oil reserves in haiti.

If not I encourage all Haitians to do research.

If it is true there is oil in haiti, and from what I hear we have more than Venezuela I think all Haitians inside and outside of Haiti need to pressure our government to reach out to all and any other country that can help us make the best of it to benefit the people of Haiti.

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Jean Pierre says...

I know one well that was dug in 1981 in the plaine of cul-de-sac,just in a small communauty call Balan near the Lac... more »

1 says...

the haitian congress know that they foung oil in haiti and yo tap pale sou blog sa a mim nan tou tube pou yo komanse... more »