Do not allow our orphans become foreign slaves

Claudine - January 24 2010, 11:05 AM

The mobilization of 300,000 Haitian orphans may become one of the biggest slave trade in the new century.

Here, in Miami, Haitians are talking about money on 1230AM instead of showing concern about the plight of our people.

The lack of care and humanity that we show down here in South Florida is the main cause of our sufferings and demise.

Other nationals see this and take advantage of us to destroy us because we stand alone (divided, not united).

Our children, Haiti's future, must not be ignored.

We must find out America's plan for them. We must help the Haitian orphans.

We must not let them become slaves to foreign cultures.

We must not let them become stigmatized as American criminals.

We must not let them be homeless in a land where we ourselves struggle daily to upkeep our dignity.

Those children are Haiti.

They are our children, our flesh and blood.

They our our identity and future.

The world has helped us. Will we save our orphans and our culture?

Will we save the identity and dignity of being Haitian?

Will we save the integrity that Toussaint died in France for?

Will we save our own freedom?

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