I guest you right about that; this is all my concern and all...

Malan - January 23 2010, 1:58 PM

I guest you right about that; this is all my concern and all the diasporas.

In 1994 when Aristide went back to Haiti they had more than 67,000 troupes from all over the world they had spent more than a Billion dollards I was there myself the Company I was working itself spent over 500 million, the Haitans Government stole their part and the Rich People get theirs also. Now they are ready to do the samething.

Let me tell you what they are going to do they know there are going to be a lot of dollards in Haiti, they will have the poor Haitians changing money for them in downtown and all those monies will go back to State and overseas not going to be invest in Haiti
This is why they should do like San Salvador they need to make the Haitian money dollard for dollard, so small Merchants can do business because the Rich People is squezing Haiti

Please the Wold Organizations We the Daisporas berging you DO NOT GIVE THEM NOT A DIME
If you have something to build call a company in State or Overseas they will bring a staff personnel and they will hire the Haitian workers if the government or a local company get the contracts they won't pay the Haitians as usual and they will do a shitty job

Thank you
Conrcern Diaspora


Double-edged sword.

I have to say I have mixed feelings about the money that is being collected for Haiti. It's nice to see the world...

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