Nice try but no dice. In other words you have no proof, just...

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Nice try but no dice. In other words you have no proof, just bullshit.

I speak Spanish fluently and Hugo said NO SUCH THING in that video.

I'm a huge fan of Chavez but I'm also a huge fan of the truth.

The US right-wing started this rumor.

You can bet that if Chavez had said any such thing the sound-byte and video would be all over the news.

It was a Venezuelan professor named Vladimir Acosta who fleetingly mentioned a RUSSIAN report that HAARP could have been involved by stating that he had "the worrisome suspicion that this earthquake may be associated with the project called HAARP, a system that can generate violent and unexpected changes in climate" After that all the anti-Chavez right-wing American propagandists started spreading their lie that Chavez made that "accusation".

Acosta's statement was published on the website of Radio Nacional de Venezuela (RNV).

Fox News sunk pretty low when they made their deceitful accusation.,2933,583588,00.html

You sunk even lower by posting a 10 minute video in Spanish hoping people would be impressed by a link and take your word for it.

The rest of your ramblings about mulattoes, wealth, and then your sterling admiration of Obama the mulatto "beacon of hope" doesn't even make sense.

It just stinks of more racist CIA bullshit.

Gonaives, January 23 2010, 12:17 PM

Topic: Hugo Chavez Accuses USA For Haiti Earthquake

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Gonaives, 21-Jan-10 8:23 pm
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Duce, 22-Jan-10 11:40 pm
Nice try but no dice. In other words you have no proof, just bullshit. I speak Spanish fluently and Hugo said NO SUCH... read more >
Gonaives, 23-Jan-10 12:17 pm


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