To the president in HAITI

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Rene preval looks like a good guy, but for me the goverment in Haiti has loose control of the country and the people also. beacause how in the world you go to a country you have toget pay money to someone to help you to get an identification card .paying someone to do what thwe goverment suppose to do for you lets make an example, if you need a card for your identification cost probably $10.00 the fact that it so hard to get inside the contribution, you have those people working for or from the person who in charge to the one whose cleanig the floor they have no respect for the haitian people who's coming from abroard.

if you bring anything from u.s or canada their try to steal your staff, over charged you ask you for money that their know you do'nt even have. their can keep it for them self. I hope after that turmoil this people in haiti change, when i say Big change make Haiti what it used to be la perle des antiiles et du sourire.

Thank you may God bless haiti.

Lyonel landrin

Lyonel Landrin, January 22 2010, 9:42 PM

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