Dear Rene; The average, politically aware American does not...

Tsgordon - January 22 2010, 10:09 AM

Dear Rene; The average, politically aware American does not wish to see any Hatian robbed of their rightful assets.

Many of us immediately suspected that the HAARP-wave technology may have been used to initiate the recent earthquake.

If so, spiritually, we have a similar 'day of recogning' ahead of us! None of this is any concession to those of you who's future depends upon relative solidarity throughout the West Indies and Latin & South Americas.

Joining into discussions with the G20 is not in itself a particularly dngerous proposition.

However, we must all deeply mistrust the 'UN,' who's dictum is to wipe-out 1/2 or more of humanity.

Also, these NGO's, like the Red Cross, who answer to no one and who refuse to allow audited records to be published after such major emergencies.

Obviously, they want all the OIL they can steal.

In that regard, I do trust President Hugo Chavez, and ONLY Mr. Chavez, to deliberate on the best course of action for the further development of these resources.


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