Hi, Gonaives: Obviously, you didn't read my post entitled...

Rintintin - January 22 2010, 8:54 AM

Hi, Gonaives:

Obviously, you didn't read my post entitled " was the earthquake in Haiti engineered by the US?".

Chavez isn't the only one making those assertions.

Very reputable scientists have written about the attempts to develop New World Order weapons.

It is said that Russia and the US have the capability to use those weapons which can produce hurricanes, earthquakes and mind-altering effects among other things.

I urge to google HARRP or to go to HARRP.net where you can research these new types of weapons.

The question that might arise is: why?

why use these weapons on a country like Haiti?

The endgame was for a long time to clear Port-au-prince of all these people who transforms it into an environmental disaster.

It will be rebuilt into a modern city, controlled by Americans and Europeans, where few poor Haitians will be allowed in.

Time will tell.

God bless!

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