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Jay: Its good to hear from you my son. I never had lunch or dinner with Baby Doc or his former wife but I was pilot for his former father-in-law and chief pilot of the former Haiti Air. Now, to the points you have raised.

The things you say Haiti needs will not just come about.

It takes investors (not government) to do most of the things you say Haiti needs and Bill Clinton has been trying for sometime to get them to come to Haiti but not many are responding do to the anarchy that exists, the murders, the kidnappings, etc. So, your plans that may sound good but are not likely to happening and are, in effect, a pipe dream.

Besides these things you have mentioned already exist in lands to be liberated under the Haitian "Manifest Destiny" policy of mine. Your reference to my age shows a problem that exists not only in Haiti but in the U.S. and Western world as a whole as that is the worship of youth.

How will this policy effect you when you become my age if you live that long?

You should look at the opposite conclusions on age in the Islamic world where older folks are held in high esteem because of their age and experiences in life. Here in U.S. the people elected a young President who was full of ideas, as you are, but he has not been able to carry through on any of them and his Democrat political party has just suffered a major defeat for him and his health care reforms in the election of a Republican in Democrat State of Mass. and the election was a rejection of the policies of the young American president Obama.

He still has a little growing up to do but it may come slowly as he is a lawyer.

Let us think past the Americans, the aid groups, the U.N., popular singers from Haiti who have no plans for Haitis future and think of what is practical for Haiti.

Your ideas sound good but in reality they are not going to happen.

Haiti should take advantage of the good points it has and one of those is that the history of Haiti shows they are good and smart fighters.

If the D.R. wants to start a battle now is time to start making plans for pre-emptive attacks and how the policy of "Manifest Destiny" (liberation of the island) will come about.

The first objective is establishment of a military school which will also be profitable for Haiti as a business by taking in and and training the spoiled brats of rich kids in the U.S. whos parents can't control them but who can pay in excess of $35,000 a year for their boarding and training.

Some of them may even become interested to help Haiti carry out the only sensable policies for the future of Haiti and that is the 'Manifest Destiny" policy since the water and resorts are already there just across the current undocumented nonhistorical borders of current day Haiti.

Let us work together for the betterment of Haitis' future instead of constantly cutting each other down. Unity is important for victory for Haiti.

I have even enlisted the support of a knowledgeable voodoo priest to help in my efforts to educate the people of Haiti and now you are welcome to face the reality of the situation and join in with us to build a new and powerful Haiti that the poorest of Haitians will soon see themselves in training to take over and become managers of the resorts you speak of. It is important you also keep in mind the U.S. is bankrupt, in a long winded recession and headed into a so-called double dip recession or worse a depression and the entire Western world is suffering ecnomically so the idea of "resorts" is only a small part of the solution as there are not many tourists other than retired Americans who can even afford to come and stay at them and even they are not traveling much and saving to cover coming high inflation.

I live in resort town in FL verging on total bankruptcy with businesses and hotels closing down left and right.

My son, you and Haiti young should show respect for age and knowledge of older folks and listen to the best advice for the future of Haiti and forget about a new age of youth somehow leading Haiti out of this current mess. This doesn't mean we can't all work together for the proper and best course of action for Haiti.

Earl Wheby Jr., January 22 2010, 5:14 AM

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The problem with Haiti, is Haitains. Haitians are a people who lack moral and civilized quailties to raised them out... read more >
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Raynald Delerme, 23-Jan-10 12:24 am
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