Jake Says...

First of all we need Electricity in the county to do what you suggest.

i don't understand why it is so hard to put the electricity on. Mr. president you need to spent time and money to put the electricity on so people can invest in the country.

this prime minister is nuts. how he is help create job and boost the economy when there is no electricity.

Mr. prime minister although i don't believe in you, but please for the sake of the country and the haitian people try to put the electricity on ...

thank you

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Dear Mr. President Preval, How Are You? I Just Wanted To Congradulate You For Your Accomplishment And The Strenght To Continue Your Building Of Your Vision For Haiti. The Motivation To Give A Hand Is High In The... Jp 06/22/2006
First Of All We Need Electricity In The County To Do What You Suggest. I Don't Understand Why It Is So Hard To Put The Electricity On. Mr. President You Need To Spent Time And Money To Put The Electricity On So People... Jake 06/21/2006
My Comment Is Not About Rene Preval But Haiti Government, I Think That In Spite Of That Haiti Is Not Yet Stabilized, But At Least It Would Be Good For The President To Talk About The ARMY, Specially The < >, REOPEN THE... Tico. 06/10/2006
Je Compremds Tres Bien Qu'un Gouvernement Ne Peut Pas Tout Faire Pour Un Pays Dans L'espace D'un Quinquenat Mais Il Ne Peut M'empecher De Constater Dans L'enonce De Politique Generale Du Premier Ministre Que 3 Choses... Pierre Janvier 06/07/2006