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Only Haitians can rebuild Haiti | President Rene Preval Archives

Only Haitians can rebuild Haiti

Emma Jean - January 21 2010, 2:15 AM

A letter to the Haitian President,
A cure for Haiti
Emma Tese' Jean

I am appalled and disappointed at what's going on right now in Haiti.

The Haitian people should be ashamed of themselves.

The animalistic barbaric actions of my people as they are in the mist of this tragedy, makes me feel a shamed to be haitian.

But they are not to blame.

The blame is on the haitian government or the lack there of.

The people are the first priority.

The resources are being dispersed in a un-organized insensitive manner.

It reminds me of a hundred pigeons feeding off one slice of bread.

Haiti is a Paradise! I remember my grandmother taking me to the waterfalls of Bassin Blue, the congested Iron Market in port au prince and the beaches of Belle-Anse

On Tuesday, January 12,2010 my country was hit by a devastating earthquake.

At that exact moment all I can think of was my grandmother.

She lives, in Haiti.

The feeling that i felt at that moment was un-describable.

All the death that I saw on the tv was not helping.

I finally spoke to her today, seven days later and my grandmother is ok.

I was overwhelmed by the swift relief efforts for my country.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank the world.

There's more then half a billion dollars in the earthquake relief fund. How will it be spent?

You can't just drop food from the sky expecting an explosion of civility; food, shelter, cloths and jobs are needed.

What Haiti needs right now is hope to resurrect the nation.

Only Haitians can rebuild Haiti!
Haitien, we must organize the dissemination of the relief supplies and consolidate our population to hazard free areas.

Every able bodied citizen must be hired in some capacity in these relief efforts.

We must have well equipped scouters for locating survivors, we must have recovery teams with low cost air transportation to evacuate the injured and weak, also clean up crews to remove the decease and the rubble.

The global condition demands an innovative environmentally conscience industry.

We will rebuild to this standard, making Haiti, pioneers of this era. We will cease this opportunity by implementing new farming and water treatment techniques, a low cost communication infrastructure, and factories to build solar panel and State of the art fabricated homes and usher in this eco-conscience age.

~ Seul haitien ca rebaty haiti
emmajean at

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Carline Sj Montreuil says...

Shame on you to believe that only Haitians can rebuild Haiti. Even the former mulatto thieves within the Haitian... more »

Nadege says...

Only Haitians can rebuild Haiti unless you want to give up Haiti's sovereignty. more »