Preval Stop Being A Puppet of the Mulattoes

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Now, this is the time for you to distance yourself from the mulatto's elite ruling class.

It is the time to ask all international corporations to invest in Haiti to end the mulatto's monopoly market of 206 years.

It is the time to reduce the size of the goverment and fire all mulatto executives for full control over the Haitian administration.

Preval stops playing the mulattoes' game. Jean Claude Duvalier, Aristide, Cedras, Ertha Trouillot, Manigat, Namphy, Prosper Avril and Nerette all had played the mulattoes' game and they were all kicked out by the mulatto's administration.

If you do not distance yourself from their monopoly market, they will either kill you or send you to exile like the other former presidents.

Preval, it is the time for you to understand mulattoes' secret plot against all Haitian rulers to retain their administration intact.

You must forgive all former presidents and call for their return without any conditions imposed upon them. They were all victims of the mulattoes' administration.

The executive mulatto CEOs within the Haitian administration were the ones to grow all presidential accounts with money laundering; therefore, they were all victims and they are innocent former presidents and they should return in Haiti to help with reconstruction of the new Haitian administration that will not leave room for anyone to steal and corrupt others...

Mathieu Derisse, January 21 2010, 12:58 AM

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hey Mathieu Herisse, ass hole, b4 bblaming the mullattoes for all haitian problem, think about yourself judging by the... read more >
Loulou, 31-Jan-10 11:55 am


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