Asley di prezidan preval retounen nan citadelle la

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Hello Everyone,
Citadelle Laferriere can open Tomorrow

My name is Asley Fils Aime, I live in dominican Republic, I would like to inform you about the new strategy for all my Haitian Authority Goverment, everyone waiting for change for Haiti, but we think we can do something better than every Aid that the United Nation willing want to help our homeland (HAITI).

I´m a true Haitian national, live in D.R. what exactly President Preval Should do, to restore the power, Please and Please again, let´s save our country figure, Haiti still exist, then Mr. Rene G. Preval President of Republic of Haiti, your original Palace still there in northern of Haiti, Citadelle La Ferriére, that a good Idea to go and open your office back in the north of haiti, no one can´t destroy it, please go there, and you can live there, no body can´t push you out, please Mr. Claudy gassant councelor of the president of Haiti.

and mr. Jean Max Bellerive first Minister of Haiti, tell them your original office will open tomorrow, you can stay there until you build back offices in Port-Au-Prince, If you guys do that I will consider you as Heroes for Haiti.

God Bless Haiti, and blessing for everyone in Haiti.

Please all the nationals institutions (Police and Military in haiti) should be free for haitians for recruiting, no exam necessary.

We need security

Asley Fils Aime

any Comment or call

809 862-5437

asley06 at

I love Haiti

Asley Fils Aime, January 20 2010, 7:42 PM

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