That's the problem with Haitian, some of you don't know when...

Jeanjean - January 20 2010, 10:58 AM

That's the problem with Haitian, some of you don't know when someone is using you for their own benefit ( Aristide, Preval, JeanClaude ).

According to Wyclef, he never used any of Yele's money, which is a big lie. Just because you are holding a flag doesn't give you the right to take advantage of your own people.

It was sad, when Wyclef hold his Haitian passport and American green card as if that's a license for him to use his foundation money for personal gain. Look at the 2008 Yele tax return, is it fair for him to charge Yele $100,000 at his own fundraising.

For you to say, that you don't care if Wyclef took half of the money sound so stupid, and shows that you don't really care about your people.

You Haitian always failed to recognized that some of those that claim to be helping are only helping themselves ( Aristide, Preval, JeanClaude).

I am sure you would vote Wyclef president of Haiti, just like you did for (Cinq etoile Preval, Aristide).

92% of the funds collected by Wyclef yele organization goes to administration.

92% is not 50% you idiot.

Check the facts look at the tax return file by Yele. It's not a secrete yele tax return are public records.

Read it you idiot.

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