Reconstrution of Haiti

Jean Marie S. Etheart - January 17 2010, 1:41 PM

All international governments that are participating in the cleaning and the rebuilding process should start building new infrastructures in order to dismantle the rampant corruption system that lasted more than 206 years.

After the cleaning, the provisional government should nationalize all lands in the Port-Au-Pce Area and start creating new infrastructures.

All schools, telecommunication systems, roads and factories should be owned by international corporations and the system should be privatized at all levels to prevent the old system to return in Haiti.

Some people are talking about invasion due to the fact they were happy with the old corruption system, but this time it will be multinational corporations from all countries to create a new system to alleviate Haitian's economic conditions.

Theft, killing, lying, divisive politics and oppression from the former regime will end for real. It will not be the colonization of a single country and as Colin Powell advocates it the international should not help and leave, but should invest in order to implement a new system to eradicate the label of one of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere by not leaving room for corruption to occur again...

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