zoizo mechan pat gen nan tet li pou yo ede ti neg

Llyod - March 30 2007, 1:10 PM

Zoizo mechan is armed and extremely dangerous, they will
give us just enough to keep us alive.Our former leaders
and Preval don't have anything to do to our misdeed.We,
haitians, we are the one to be blamed, some of us that reside in France and USA are rich but we keep our fortune in the bank till we die and our children that born abroard don't have any interest in solving Haiti'problems
We don't need UN for security, i propse a group of 50000
haitian-americans to go to Haiti to take the streets of
Port-au-Prince back fron the Zenglendo and we will remain there untill we free every city of or country, then we will rebuild our neighborwoods.

We will show the average haitian brothers that we all don't have to be be doctors, frenchy.

We need :carpenters, weldermen,machinst, re-
tired teachers, nurses,retired doctors from US.It is very
good to retire in Haiti, they will put electronically your
retirement into your account and you'll get your $ worth
by spending it in haitian gourdes

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New Kid On The Block says...

Llyod, I like your idea but, Haitians will not participate in a such wonderfull activities, because this is some thing... more »