You are a sick person, and a very ignorant person I may add...

Abe - January 15 2010, 7:01 AM

You are a sick person, and a very ignorant person I may add.

How can you talk like that in this moment of such sorrow.

Dominican Hospitals are filled with Haitian sick and wounded, there are 28 Dominican medical helicopters flying people back and forth to Dominican Hospitals.

How dare you.

The President of the Haitian Parliament was saved by being airlifted to a Dominican Hospital and he thank the dominican people for their kind effort, DOminicans were the first to arrive in PAP with medical and rescue help.

I can't believe you're saying that, it is true what they say about haitians being ungrateful them.

Dominican aid to Haiti
Dominican aid was the first to arrive to earthquake stricken Haiti because of the ground connection.

Ten mobile kitchens being sent to Haiti by the Dominican government came up against red tape that caused hours of delays for their entry into Haiti yesterday.

The kitchens donated by the Dominican government have the capacity to produce 100,000 daily rations.

The Dominican government also sent 39 trucks with food not requiring cooking, 46 doctors including 10 trauma experts, eight mobile clinics, eight ambulances and tons of water, vaccines and other pharmaceuticals.

The Presidency also announced that 100 units of heavy construction equipment had been sent to Haiti to help clear the rubble.

Felix Bautista, of the Office for the Supervision of Public Works, said that they would be used to start the removal of debris.

They will be the first to arrive to Haiti.

The Migration Department has ordered a halt to the repatriations of illegal Haitians from the DR. In addition, the department announced the strengthening of border crossings to prevent a mass influx of illegal Haitians through these points, as reported in Diario Libre.

President Leonel Fernandez is due to travel to the border town of Jimani where the Dominican government's Emergency Operations Center has set up a base of operations.

He will personally supervise the DR's efforts to assist Haiti.

The Customs Department has announced it was releasing humanitarian aid to Haiti that is being sent overland from red tape and any taxes.

Customs director Rafael Camilo announced the measure yesterday.

The measures are being applied at the Customs checkpoints in Jimani, Pedernales, Elias Pina and Dajabon.

Injured coming to DR hospitals
Armed Forces Minister Major General Pedro Rafael Pena Antonio was in Haiti yesterday to personally oversee evacuation efforts by the Dominican military, as reported in Listin Diario.

According to reports, around 100 people were evacuated on Wednesday.

Private airplanes from the Dominican Republic also traveled to Haiti to help with evacuations.

Hundreds of injured Haitians and foreigners are being flown to Dominican hospitals, primarily the HOMS in Santiago and the Plaza de la Salud/Cedimat in Santo Domingo.

President Leonel Fernandez issued Decree 24-10 declaring the urgency of purchasing and contracting of goods and services that the government needs in order to help Haiti.

The Jimani hospital is also treating hundreds of injured people.

It is the closest hospital to Port-au-Prince.

Several of the victims are being moved from Jimani to the regional hospital in Barahona, and others to Santo Domingo and Santiago hospitals.

As reported in El Dia, the Dominican embassy has helped more than 100 Dominicans, and the consulate 62.
Diario Libre reports that the victims being treated at Santiago's Metropolitan Hospital include Haitian senate president Kelly Bastien and Citibank president Gladys Coupet.

The Taiwanese ambassador in Haiti Hsu Mien-sheng and the wife of former Haitian ambassador in the DR Guy Alexandre, Evelyne Magron, are being treated at Cedimat, as well as ten Minustah peacekeepers.

Dr. Maximo Rodriguez of Cedimat said they would be accepting patients until their 66 beds are filled.

Dominican ambassador Ruben Silie told Listin Diario he was awaiting confirmation from the Haitian government to establish a camp and air bridge to help Haitians and evacuate Dominicans.

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