Linda This is one devastation that tears cannot stop flowing...

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This is one devastation that tears cannot stop flowing down my face. I am extremely emotional and extremely angry at God but most importantly at all the Haitian governments that have failed the country so miserably.

I know this is not the time to pass blame and finger pointing, but I cannot help but to hold all the governments of Haiti, past and present, responsible for the natural desaster devastation aftermath.

I know they have no control over natural desasters, nobody does. However, they have control on how the country respond to all of these natural destaters by building strong infrastructures, building codes, etc. etc...

Anyways, it has been reported this morning that the CONTROL TOWER has collapsed which means there is no flying in or our of Haiti.

If the control tower is collapsed which means the entire airport must be damaged as well which makes it virtually impossible for planes to land and take off.

In the meantime, I would suggest that you perhaps contact some Haitian organizations in that state where you live for some possibility rescue afforts, or if you can rally as many Haitians as you can to come up with a plan of action or something.

Linda, I'm sorry if it sounds like I am rambling.

I am not all collected and my brain is now racing.

frankly, I really don't know what I'm saying nor trying to say.

I am too overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, and emotional right now. I have a big chunk of my family living in Carrefour that I have not been able to make contact with.

Please keep me/us posted on any new development.

Oh, one other thing, The Palace seems to be completely collapsed.

Tiba, January 13 2010, 7:10 AM


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Linda, 12-Jan-10 11:59 pm
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Mathieu Derisse, 13-Jan-10 1:21 am
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Zac, 13-Jan-10 6:30 am
Linda This is one devastation that tears cannot stop flowing down my face. I am extremely emotional and extremely... read more >
Tiba, 13-Jan-10 7:10 am
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