Re: It is the Time For Unity Now In Haiti

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Some accomplices of the Haitian elites are using this site to attack by using late postings to advocate violence.

At this time 98% percent of Haitians do not know how to start for they had no insurance prior to this horrible earthquake.

It is the time to form committees to raise money to help those Haitians in Haiti and not the time to spread violence through this site. Fear tactics will not work and it is the time to show that you love those 98% of severely impacted Haitians.

You can use all my last postings to spread fear among the affected Haitian communities overseas, but it will not work. As I said this is the time to roll up your sleeves and help. Some of you have chosen a bad time to attack my late postings and I will not back down. 98% of uninsured Haitians need help now and stop attacking.

It is not the right time. People go by the dates of the postings and not by the time of your attacks.

This is a sad moment for 98% of uninsured Haitians and they need help now...

Mathieu Derisse, January 13 2010, 2:58 AM

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