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Now what?

Where do we go from here?

Are we, the Haitian people, going to stand on the sidewalk as usual with our arms crossed and watch strangers pouring into Haiti, our own country, to help our people while we keep talking crapsh8t or are we going to get our stupid *sses down to Haiti and do what we can to help our people and rebuild our country?

I am going to watch very closely to see how much of a sorry people we really are and so disgraceful we are to mankind.

Yes, I will be down there as soon as I can to do my part.

Tiba, January 12 2010, 8:07 PM

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We need to do something very quick and soon as possible. Doctors and Nurses are needed for now ( to start with)... read more >
Jean Pierre, 12-Jan-10 9:33 pm
Tiba, I tried to make a reservation, but couldn't get any flights out. My brother and I have both decided to go there... read more >
Linda, 12-Jan-10 11:48 pm
Jean Pierre, I agree with you... at this point: START... JUST START... Helping in anyway possible. ALL HANDS ON BOARD! read more >
Linda, 12-Jan-10 11:53 pm


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