The Largest Earthquake of the century in Haiti

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For all those of 98% of true Haitians who always want good for Haiti, my heart goes with you on this sad moment.

God of the natural disasters just shakes Haiti, but I believe he will restore justice in this country.

I knew for sure that would happen and I had warned the crook managers of Haiti longtime, but they were not listening to me. It is the awaiting time for the U.S. to get Haiti definitely.

It is time for the economic elite of U.S. to get control over Haiti.

Haiti is a mismanaged country and not a poor country.

The United States must get full control of the entire Haiti right now and the United States must not wait, for Haiti is under its protectorate long time. The 2% of dirty elites must lose control over Haiti now. I am asking God to turn the keys of Haiti now to the U.S. May God protect those 98% of those true Haitians now.

Mathieu Derisse, January 12 2010, 4:56 PM

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