With all due respect, I like your argumentations but it seems...

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With all due respect, I like your argumentations but it seems that you do not understand me well. I may say many things, but are they connected or are they relevant to the discussions at stake?

Alexandre Petion was one of the founding fathers of Haiti and he fought along the Haitian forces to liberate Haiti too. Why did he fight with Dessalines and Christophe to liberate Haiti?

The answer to this was a historic necessity.

I do not know how much do you know about Haitian history, but I am very grounded to enlighten you as well. Remember in Saint-Domingue, Mulattoes had slaves and economic power, but they did not have political power like the Frenchmen colonists.

Mulattoes were not citizens like the Frenchmen so they need equality at this point to be recognized as citizens.

Blacks were nothing and they were the property of the mulattos and the Frenchmen as well. Do you remember the Oge and Chavannes' death through the Wheel Track that we call in French "Le Suplice De La Roue"?

Oge and Chavanes as mulattos had an army of three hundred people and they were fighting on behalf of the mulattos to obtain citizenship and freedom's rights in Saint-Domingue, but their movement failed and they were horribly killed through the wheel track and that was a strong signal to let all the mulattos know if they rebelled against the French colonists they would be killed in a similar way like their leaders.

Remember, saint-Domingue battlefield had four different armies which were the black army, mulatto army, French Army and the Colonists' own army. At this point Petion forged a forced political alliance to get rid of the French army as well as the colonists own arny to become master of saint-Domingue.

In the fight the French army abandonned the colonists army and that is why we had the French massacre in Haiti.

The French army abandonned the Colonists because they wanted economic independence and they were accused as the ones that pushed the slaves into rebellion.

All political forces had different complaints against the Metropole.

On one side, the mulattos were fighting for political citizenship rights to become equals of the Frenchmen colonists to keep slavery intact.

In addition, the colonists wanted political independence and full economy to trade with neighboring nations such as the other islands bordering the Caribbean Sea and the U.S. mainland as well. On the other side, blacks wanted liberty, equality and fraternity in ending slavery in Saint-Domingue.

Petion had no choice to join the other black generals to liberate Saint-Domingue.

This sort of historical necessity brought him on the freedom fighters' side for a short period of time to control the destiny of Haiti and implement and Administration of Doublure with all mulattoes in all management executive positions in Haiti for the past 206 years.

Mulattoes are the managers of our administration at all levels and that is why our system fails.

Doublure administration means a few blacks on the surface are in the front to serve to show that blacks are managing the system, but for executive levels like chef personnels, directors, accountants, chef de services and others you have mulattoes under the garments.

I hope that you understand now, it is Haitian History 101 or Haitian Eco 101. Hope you understand and enjoy the information.

Accept the truth, I said only one thing...

I am glad that you ask info...


Mathieu Derisse, January 9 2010, 3:11 PM

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With all due respect, I like your argumentations but it seems that you do not understand me well.I may say many... read more >
Mathieu Derisse, 9-Jan-10 3:11 pm


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