There is good cause for haitians to celebrate wiht Mr. Lino...

Alle - January 6 2010, 4:37 AM

there is good cause for haitians to celebrate wiht Mr. Lino. First of all this man is not haitian.

How do you believe that a non haitian can be president.

If Mr.Lino can be president then all haitian american can be president too. this name is vastly originate from the diminican republic.

my dear haitian friend my grand mother from santiago and my grand father from haiti it was a shame to ear what my grand father always explain us what tuojjillo did to the haitian people.

I don't think that we need anyone like that in haiti.

Mr lino should not be able to became candidate.

As haitian we had been there in the past. we will get out of not worry about it. mr lino will not be a candidat for haiti.

I will spray the word in haiti to not support anyone with foreign name for president.

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