Haiti's dilema possible solution

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I can't express my happiness having that opportunity to send you that e-mail.

I grew up in Haiti, Moving to USA as a young adult.

Haiti was at that time the nicest tropical country.

Now it became the worse nightmarre for every haitian living outside.

I believe that Haiti tried many things in order to find a solution.Coup d'etat, tueries, kidnappings, vodou etc...

were all the means tried for many years.

I feel like they missed the essence of it. I would like to encourage you to try as the president of the country to call the population to a national week or a week-end prayer to call upon God for a solution.

I believe only God has the solution of our situation not a president, nor a politician, or vodoo priest and so on...

Only GOD can do something at this point.

I hope you take some time to think about it, and also pray about it.
Please let me know if I can help in any way with that project.

With all the respect:
Girlande Saint-Louis.

Girlande Saint-louis, March 27 2007, 10:04 PM

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