There is an interesting discussion being held on another blog...

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There is an interesting discussion being held on another blog after Wyclef Jean's performances on Martha Stewart talking about how he won't be president.

We know that he is backed by the US and he will get all the funding and political support he needs.

But it is time for Haiti to have someone focused on Haiti and that is what Stanley is. He really cares about the people.

I know he has made many efforts to help people who have had family members kidnapped.

He has helped people get political asylum.

He helps some people get medical care in the US. He really cares and he does everything without talking about it to everyone.

That means it is really genuine what he does. From the heart.

Stanley has heart.

We need someone like this. Someone who really care.

Maxime Desmoulins

Maxime Desmoulins, December 10 2009, 6:06 PM

Topic: Wyclef Jean - Stanley Lucas: Bad choice for Haiti

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Hater I guess your haitian that s why you re hating on wyclef jean, wyclef is a millionnaire.In Haiti they dont... read more >
Karine, 9-Dec-09 1:35 am
Mr jean I'm not a politician but I would like to let you know if Wyclef wants to be the president he can do a better... read more >
As, 9-Dec-09 11:45 am
Stanley would mean an end to business as usual in Haiti, which is of course stealing from the state. He would try to... read more >
Jeanine Moreau, 9-Dec-09 5:19 pm
I am an 77 years old proud Haitian woman; I have worked 50 years in the United States. When I listened to Stanley... read more >
Dieusimene Semaphise, 9-Dec-09 5:20 pm
Well, the U.S. always seems to have their favorite candidates. I am in NY and was involved with the last few... read more >
Jean Michel Dardon, 9-Dec-09 5:23 pm
Remember Aristide was the man of the U.S. in 1994. Martine P. read more >
Martine P, 9-Dec-09 5:24 pm
There is an interesting discussion being held on another blog after Wyclef Jean’s performances on Martha Stewart... read more >
Maxime Desmoulins, 10-Dec-09 6:06 pm
It would be refreshing for once to have an elected leader of our country that wasn’t primarily concerned with... read more >
Jeannine Michel, 10-Dec-09 6:08 pm
Wyclef Jean is a star, well connected to the Haitian-American political director of the White House Patrick Gaspard... read more >
Claire A., 10-Dec-09 7:49 pm
Thank you for mention the place where the oil is coming from. All I know was that I was told by someone that's work... read more >
Nunu, 11-Dec-09 1:26 am
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