zafe on moun siw pa komprann sa

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Jean Bertrand Aristide had accorded radio solidarite an interview recently.

He clearly and explicitly stated that Lavalas is no lespwa nor inite.

I will go by that and will make the following statement.

There is nothing amusing in keeping lavalas in quarantine, and there was absolutely nothing funny about constitutionally setting Macoute aside for 10 years.

Most Haitians do not know why they support eitheir macoute or lavalas.

I will say it again "over 90% of the Haitian people live in extreme social injustice with regard to health, education, sanitation, transportation, housing etc.."-they are the lavalas who look up to a symbol(Aristide) for

Some of that 90% include macoute as well, the ones who embrace the Duvalier era and the arguable sense of order and mutual respect.

They in turn look up to a living symbol (Jean Calaude Duvalier) for hope.

Members of that category of macoute also live under extreme social injustice as described above but vehemently opposed lavalas because of their tendency to create chaos.

So by inference, the majority of the Haitian people is lavalas, notwithstanding some unbecoming attidudes and behaviors

Discarding them from any election is a flagrant civil rights infringement that all Haitians should stand up for.

I persist an sign

Gera Bougui
PhD student in Business Administration
Master of Science in Management and Leadership
Bachelor of Science in Economics
Respiratory therapist
Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran, United States Army
Former Police Nationale d'Haiti, Inspecteur

Aim at the issue, not the individual!
Atake ide a, pa moun nan

Gera Bougui, December 8 2009, 4:21 AM

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