The Emperor'sDessalinePalace Development Project

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The Emperor's Palace Development Project

The Haitian Riviera will be the destination where vacations, business meetings and conventions will surpass all expectations.

New project, for a $400M 5-Star Haitian Emperor's Palace & Resorts: 2.5 million square feet in a 400 acre Oceanfront, Haitian Casino Royal Resort, anchored by 2 Hotels for a 750 guest Rooms and Suites, 10 new Restaurants, 15 new Retail Shops, a Musical Entertainment Center, a 600 seats theater, 150 Luxury Villas, 150 Luxury Condos...

50 slip Marina, Yacht Club and a Cruise Port. World-Class Golf Course: an 18 hole Golf Course design by USBGA.

Considering RAD Architecture for the Palace and Resorts...

The Haitian Riviera Business Ventures
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Djakut, December 5 2009, 6:44 PM

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