Spirit Airlines Flight To Haiti My Opinion

Haitian Observer Says...

It is a good idea for a big company like spirit airlines to fly to Haiti.

and I disagree with you about a group of Haitian professionals to invest in the airlines industry.

they will fail,

If they fly to Haiti alone, they will fail big time.

American airlines is a huge airline company, it is world wide.

It takes a big airline company like spirit airlines to compete with american airlines in the Haitian market.

When they compete, we win!

What the Haitian government has to do is prevent a monopoly from anyone one service provider (American Airlines) serving Haiti and the haitian people (Flights to Haiti).

When there is only one service provider it's called a monopoly.

Here is why every small airline company always fail when they serve one country like Haiti:

American Airlines will drop their prices for flights to Haiti to drive the competition out of business.

you see it doesn't matter if they loose money on flights going to haiti, they can raise prices else where and make up for it.

The little airline company, servicing Haiti alone, will go out of business trying to compete with American Airlines.

Spirit airlines on the other hand, they can fight American airlines in that market.

And like the commercial says "When the airlines compete, Haitian flyers win!"

The Preval governemt should invite US Airways, and Delta airlines to fly to Haiti as well. This is the only way to keep ticket prices down.

Don't you agree?

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