Listen the problem is not America. It us Haitian; for crying...

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Listen the problem is not America.

It us Haitian; for crying out sake why do we want to stay out of our
homeland that our ancestry die for. We have broking all of the Dessaline rules, when it come to governing Haiti.

You want me to be honest with; my stomach was turn with disgust when I want to orlando for vacation.

I saw something that No Haitian
alive should witness; a fellow Haitian was beating to the ground, they put their foot on his head and call him all
kind of names.

It was real; not make belief; now, we can pretend like the western media having not hurt the way people view us as people.

Hell, They spite on the man, now who is resonible for this ; us the haitian nation; we can't hide the truth from them in keep them stupid; they must be educate, FYI, personally; I am over this america bullshit.

One thing I know for sure is that we have more enemy than the hair on our head.Lack of knowledge have made than go to Dominican Republic that hate tham with a passion that surpass all understanding.

Cutting Sugar, doing work those people don't want to do. c'mon. that is sign of low self-esteem.They have been abuse first by their owm Government that was suppose to protact them. the same system that allow all those NGO's 10,000 of them and America News camera to humiliate the poor working class that wake up at 5am with a basket full of fruit on her head to sell to send her child to school and also to feed and clothes and take care of little end and out thing that they need to live in a land which treat them less then they deserve.

The question is How much do Haiti own the poor slum, rural area people who have been violated day in day out all for the benefit of a few elect; that are vex cold with hate for their own people; Men and Women that seek the happiness only of their family and rest can go screw it self the selfish way.Morally, Ethically and Emotionialy dead inside.

living a lie never realising a diferent between an atom or adam.It's a mystery why Haitian don't want to see a Haiti were all Haitian eat, have, and desire no man land. It pain me to see than walking around here like zombias.Some have done great unjustice to the poor in the mother land Haiti come to America in realise ;why did they hurt; what everyone is going out of their way to hurt. I cried one day. when I was in class, cause their were so many kids whom father work for govenment of Haiti' who was here in America getting a college degree, while in reality for everyone of than you see; there is 20,000 kids in Haiti that will never learn to read or write their name's is this fair. why so much wickness for a small place like that?

what are the sins of the poor in haiti, that make everyone violate them and treat them like they are not human.this Guy name doctor farmer, who was an NGO in Haiti for thirty year; talk about the poor in Haiti like garbage; was of more value than them. He spoke and said, that Haiti was wrost than Blasgladesh his word" they had never seem people poor like those haitian they need AId fund first before anything can be done, for those hungery people of Haiti.

imagine that compare with A country that has 50 million people sleeping on the street in card board boxes is better than the Haiti, we are disgrace right in front of the world.

Those white people made Haiti look like a fool in front of the world, humilate us to the 10 th power.

We should never forget how it is to be treated like animal and do everything in our power to keep future generation from allow no men, women and any god or gods of any religion to humiliate them, we should rise in be the great black nation I know we can, with the right leader.

The three thing we need to make haiti work are 1. education- will teach them never to allow nobody to treat them like animals, 2.Medical- a well educated, health nation watch out.3. argriture well feed. now we are cooking with development.

4. Job creation, enforce laws and a human way. basiclly a person with a well taught out agenda for Haiti.

That truely love Haiti not lip service; I 'm sick of lip service.

Action is all care about now. I want to be remember as a person that did my part however small or big it is. I've stop chasing the America Dream; for the one I should have wanted all the the time; the Haitian Dream.

I will never forgive the vilotaion on the haitian nation; now that I swear.

Let me guess, politic .Yeah keep on tell yourself that lie and not stand up for the Haitian nation.

I am mad, cause I know every country around here has slum. why did they disgrace the haitian poor, why did they pick them out of the bunch.

what is this divid in conquer ; it don't work here cause I see it plain as day their bullshit trick in the media; lies; I say all lies to discredit, edit and behead the Haitian Nation all while steal from it; distraction are for illiterate not for critical thinking people.

get out of here with that mass the poorest in the western hemisphere, please it a lie to discredit the victim name calling it an old trick; that the brother and sister that has No Haitian knowledge will fall for ; I seem first had the side effect of media lense of shame on them who ; lack understanting of product or brand knowledge.

see Haiti is a brand that need to be handle with care. there no place in western that don't have slum ; if anybody say it a liar than truth is not in them; what the colony bible say Taking spart and they alway have bean pole stick out their eye. Haitian are lovers of the world not just Canada, France, Germany, Britian, and other parts of europe.

Education is the only to change this Haiti; it write all the wrong but it will put everyone one the same playing field.

tell what you think.

Nunu, December 5 2009, 4:04 AM

Topic: why not all well educated haitians get back to Haiti

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Listen the problem is not America. It us Haitian; for crying out sake why do we want to stay out of our homeland that... read more >
Nunu, 5-Dec-09 4:04 am
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