Haitians are beggars..Haitians in U.S. NO life!!!!

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Most of Haitians are Just plain dissident, malleable folks, especially those who live in the U.S. And, because of that reason, my life as Haitian, which of course, I can't change, it's really affected by that.

For example, because I belong to the so called Haitians, it is really hard for people to believe and understand me. In their mind, their first question is how someone from Haiti can think like that?.

Because they use to Haitians beggars, but my kind.

That's the reason I'm blogging my life away trying to get rid of all the bad marks of being someone from Haiti by letting the world know that I'm not like any of the so called Wyclef Jean, John doe 1, John doe 2 Haitians, not all Haitians who would do what they do to get what they want, and not all Haitians are beggars, although most of them who live in U.S. are.


Look at most Haitians here on this site, they are spending their time over Beyonce life who may be Haitian.

Who and why care?

I know this story have been discussed for long long time, and they still pay attention to it. Why care?

Beyonce is not better than most Haitians artists I know.


Why care so much?

Maybe because the white american accepted her as a superstar.

And than you called yourself proud Haitian?

If you were proud you wouldn't worry or care about Beyonce Haitian or not.

Now, follow my cause To EXPOSE Human Rights Abuse in U.S. at

Jean Pe Haiti On Facebook, December 3 2009, 10:46 PM

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