Montressor you'll have to forgive my bluntness I've been...

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Montressor you'll have to forgive my bluntness I've been trying to be positive and offer some constructive criticisms but you make it really hard. Your understanding of politics is extremely limited.

That horse you're riding on is the losing horse and you should return it to John McCain as soon as possible.

As I said before it isn't a bad thing that you're talking to the Haitian diaspora, but you should be more focus on setting up a base in Haiti.

The Haitian electorate who will decide the outcome of the election does not know you.

Even if you did get elected you wouldn't be able to accomplish much because you have no support in parliament, that rogue body of elected officials would fight at every turn. And that is one of the reasons why i question your understanding of Haitian politics.

For any president to be successful in Haiti he would need a majority of honest elected officials in both chambers preferably from his own party to support and help him achieve his agenda.

You don't seem to understand that, you're a pastor but i bet you preaching to them won't get you anywhere.

Secondly you don't have any sound policies or a good political plan of action.

From the way things are going your name won't even be on the ballot.

Anyway good luck! because i won't waste my energy trying to reason with you.

You know it is often said that the Lord works in mysterious ways but God is also a God of logic and extreme competence his deeds always make sense He never chooses someone who is incapable.

Zac, December 2 2009, 2:15 PM


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Montressor you'll have to forgive my bluntness I've been trying to be positive and offer some constructive criticisms... read more >
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