Montressor I don't you know you, perhaps you're a man who...

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Montressor I don't you know you, perhaps you're a man who loves Haiti and have good intentions, but from my experience good intentions never get anybody anywhere.

To succeed at anything you have to plan deliberately and skillfully.

Yes I understand your desire to establish good relations with the Haitian diaspora but it doesn't make sense for you to only campaign here in the US. Why aren't you in Haiti campaigning, getting to know your voters and them getting to know you. After all, it's the Haitians living in Haiti who will decide the outcome of the election.

You don't have that much time, you should have been in Haiti five years ago planning for 2011. My friend this is one of the many reasons, i'm skeptical about your candidacy and your ability to lead the country.

I think the Haitian diaspora has the ability to contribute greatly to the development of Haiti and if this is what you're thinking that's great but first you got to get elected and to get elected you need to go to Haiti and campaign.

Maybe you should hire me as your political strategist.


Zac, December 2 2009, 7:22 AM


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