U.S. policy of Manifest Destiny was not to take lands that...

Rkgs - November 25 2009, 8:44 AM

U.S. policy of Manifest Destiny was not to take lands that belonged to non-white people but was a policy that the U.S. would extend (expand) from coast to coast.

How does this same policy apply to Haiti?

It applies to the liberation of the entire island and expansion of Haiti and it is only smart and wise to use the term "Manifest Destiny" (for the entire island to belong to Haiti) because the Americans can't object, as they like to rule the world and policies of all governments of the world, becuase they used the same policy themselves! This is about the only option for Haiti as the country is too small for the number of people, there are no trees, etc. so this policy is the one that will bring about a "new Haiti".

You keep referring to non-whites being taken advantage of. Maybe you are referring to the recent trip former U.S. President Bill Clinton made to Haiti to welcome American businessmen there to open businesses to take advantage of cheap Haitian labor.

When I lived in Haiti there was a Jew businessman there then (back from 1982 through 1984) who had a company using cheap Haitian labor to make baseballs.

Maybe he is still there.

Bill Clinton would have new U.S. companies making everything from womens bras to numberous other items using cheap Haitian labor.

This is just another form of slave labor and would indeed be an example of white people taking advantage of non-whites.

We should rise above the race issue and think of what is in the best interest of Haiti.

I am sorry you don't like the present government but this attitude of being against everything could be one of the reason there are 9,000 U.N. troops in Haiti now. Gera Bougui (Haitian who has served in U.S. military) is active in getting full independence for Haiti and not concerned with the coming election or who is president and you might want to support him as I do.

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