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Mark I share your point of view, if haiti is so far behing today is because black people in general including me like to blame other people for their own faillure.

just an example look at the african american, most of them refuse to go to school refuse to be responsible for their own action, refuse to keep their neibohood clean and safe, they Still keep blaming the white man for what happen years ago, I think it is the same case for haiti today.

we are good on burning tires, we are good on cutting police head, we are good on kidnapping 5 years old children, we are good on burning marche tete bouef, we good on putting trach on the street, we good on going to whahington (pou fait kout langue contre lot pou fait coup d'etat) we are good on brule police station we are good on taking money from kidnapper to let them free SHAME ON those who try to blame a handfull class mulattoes in haiti.

The NIGGER is the problem in haiti, I am a proud black male haitian I said it time to time if all haitian use their own intelligence, in less than 20 years we could make haiti best country in the carribean.

Since after the election, all the fake candidat are quiet, If they were the true patriot, it is the best time for them to show their love haiti by organizing meeting with the haitian youth, NOT to burn tires, but motivate them to work for properity of the country.

(( comite quatier pour nettoyage)) protection de l'environnement.

OU est danny toussaint?, evans paul?, luc mesadieux?, guy filip?

leslie manigat?

serge gilles?, charles h. baker?, et autres...

Parce que durant les elections ils etaient sur-chauffes.pour devenir president
I reject completely the notion of whomever who want to blame mulatto for our problem in haiti, what happen in haiti today is mainly haitian's fault our own problem IS, we refuse to respect each other in haiti, we accept to take money from the white men to destroy our own country, we are good on destroying, complaining, back stabering, we are good on pointing finger at others.

WHY UN is in haiti today?

I hope some smart haitian ansewer this question< UN is in haiti, is because we refuse to work together, we refuse to use our brain to do good thing for our socoeity, it easy to destroy, but when it come to built all of us step back, if today, even our own president has to depend on cuba for a basic treatment, we should be a shame of ourself, cuba was under ambargo for yearsss but cuba still accomplish some thing that the whole world is still talking about (medical).

what about us?

that proves we are brainless, if today kidnappers walk freely in p-au-p is because we are not intelligent enough to come with a radical solution by exsecute the first group find guilty, that will set a valuable lesson for the rest, haiti do not have enough ressouces to keep a 20 year old in prison for life.some of you who keep blaming light skin people for your problem keep dreaming.

in haiti from president to chef section all of them are black men with PHD and studied in reputable university what do tehy accomplish as extraordinary?

NONE, we speak all languages waht do we accomplish none, at night if we flight over the carribean the haitian capital will be the only on the dark (no electricity), I keep asking my self this question why we have to depend on others countries for every little thing even clean our own trach.

I think mulattoes has nothing to do with that, because we live in a world where you have to do yourself, because nobody else is going to you, you have to work hard to get it. we, haitian we work hard but in the wrong way we work hard to destroy, we do not work hard to build a future specially for our country

Kid On The Block, March 22 2007, 6:18 PM

Topic: Preval est le plus INCOMPETENT des presidents haitiens

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Mark I share your point of view, if haiti is so far behing today is because black people in general including me like... read more >
Kid On The Block, 22-Mar-07 6:04 pm
Mark I share your point of view, if haiti is so far behing today is because black people in general including me like... read more >
Kid On The Block, 22-Mar-07 6:18 pm
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Robert P. Toussaint, 23-Mar-07 3:46 am
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