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Damn I can't believe it. When everything seems to be working for Haiti this is when this s h i t occurred.

Today on the news they said that Wyclef Jean was found dead in his home in NJ. I also read the same thing on Facebook.

I even saw pictures of him dead. Who will represent us now?

R.I.P to clef.

Zoeboy509, October 31 2009, 9:25 PM

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dude he's not dead, it's halloween so he dressed up as a dead man. read more >
Cleo, 31-Oct-09 9:50 pm
Hey Guys, Wycleff Jean is a valuable Haitian-American dude. He is a family man, and he loves his Haitians brothers and... read more >
Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, 1-Nov-09 5:47 am
"Ki Haitien kap dim mache New York san Fizim Diw mesye nou manti Le bum yo kenbew yo devorew se lew mouri police vini... read more >
Nyc Dark Knights, 1-Nov-09 5:53 am


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