Mrs Pierre Louis has no real connection or attach with the...

Trebu Patriote - October 30 2009, 5:06 PM

Mrs Pierre Louis has no real connection or attach with the Haitian People.

She has no political base in the country.

It is hard to see her as the next President of Haiti.

She became Prime Minister with the help of those same "illiterate thugs" who legitimately asked her to explain how US S 197 millions were spent.

The Senators had the right to question her. This the check and balance system the Haitian People have been asking for. No one has the absolute power.

The Prime Minister should have known better.

Her legitimity comes from the Legislative Branch and not from the State Department or the OAS or the Minustha.

Her dismisal is perfectly legal and constitutional.

The Senate is a permanent body. The Senators at any moment can interpellate a prime minister or a cabinet member.

Senator Y. Latortue was wrong.

There is no vacancy
in the Senate work contrary to the Lower House.

The Senators are doing the job for which they have been elected.

Now we have to move on and encourage the President to start the process of appointing a new and more pragmatic prime minister.


Here we go again

Once again a bunch of illiterate thugs who can't even spell their own names have managed to oust a Prime Minister who...

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