You are a big excrement ignoramus just like you are going to...

Antonioj - October 29 2009, 11:43 PM

You are a big excrement ignoramus just like you are going to fix Haiti in more year before election, can you all get along for the benefit of the people imbecile, since 1804 the same in fighting prove these negroes are unable to govern and behave, down with the independence 1804 Slavery was better than what the people are going thru now,

as long these uneducated monkey are in position of power theree will be no trust and no investments in Haiti by the Diaspora and the ancient elites when the predominantly black government have a nasty habit of trying to massacre the elite biracial Haitians so they can remain in power and robb the country blind and cause instability to justify their job and personal gain. Meanwhile the predominantly illiterate black group have been reproducing without control! They made their beds now they have to lie in it sort of speak

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The prime minister and her cabinet are not really...


The constitution should be amended!

I read somewhere that the parliament is trying to censure the government of the current prime minister. I really don't...

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