The prime minister and her cabinet are not really working to...

Trebu Patriote - October 29 2009, 5:26 PM

The prime minister and her cabinet are not really working to improve the current situation in Haiti.

It is a status quo situation.

Insecurity is still rampant.

People go to bed hungry everyday.

Health care is not accessible.

Illiteracy is still high. Haitians have been slaughtered in Dominican Republic without an official protest.

US$ 197 millions have evaporated; money set aside to rebuild the country after the hurricanes of last year. There are no investments in the country.

A band of tourists taken by Bill Clinton to see Haiti does not mean nothing..

Just promises as usual.

We need a more dynamic and a more pragmatic government with a real plan. Thanks God we have the Senators and the Constitution of 1987 to put order in the chaos peacefully.

A refusal to go before the Senate should be considered as a violation of the Constitution and sanctioned with immediate destitution and jail time.

The prime minister and her government do not guarantee stability but the President of the Republic.

A new team can come and fit in the National Development Plan and deliver for the benefits of the Majority.

This is an Haitian affair.

No one should tell us how to behave.


The constitution should be amended!

I read somewhere that the parliament is trying to censure the government of the current prime minister. I really don't...

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