The constitution should be amended!

Zac - October 27 2009, 8:02 PM

I read somewhere that the parliament is trying to censure the government of the current prime minister.

I really don't understand why specially when we have a presidential election set for next year, where in which case the prime minister will leave.

I think Preval or the next president should amend the constitution and eliminate the Post of Prime Minister, make it so where the president is both Head of State and Head of the government.

Because with parliament having the authority to censure a government whenever it pleases only creates instability.

With a president we know he or she is elected for 5 years and Parliament cannot just sent the president away because they want to play with their little power.

It seems that the majority of legislature are too dumb to be concerned about political stability therefore they should not be trusted with the power to impose replacement of governments.

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