As soldier United State Army i want to help Haiti?

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Hi my name is Alfred.

Alberty jean
i grew in Carrefour Haiti, i was poor my family did not have a lot to raise me..

God bless i moved to the US went to school, married have my kids.
today i am serving in the greatest force in world US Army. I went to War in Iraq, so now i want to serve my country Haiti,
my city Carrefour, i am also talking to my Haitian soldiers to help me open a charity for the poor kids in Haiti specially in Carrefour i already have lot the suport from also people in the Army, one day i am hopping to be the mayor or police chief in Carrefour to help against all the security problem we having there..if i was the chief of Police in that town choice me with my experience i will build the stronger police force, i will inviting my Haitian soldiers to come help for free to build that public force and security, make carrefor the way it was back when i was growing up in the 80' whom it might concert if you reading this past it on, they have lot the Haitian at there who still love their country their city. As a soldier of United State Army i am proud to tell everyone in my force suport that i am Haitian, i have lot the Haitian whom feel the same way, and security should never be a problem in Carrefour or anyway else in Haiti, been to War i saw a lot i bet some people who been in any US forces will say the same, insecurity in Haiti its all tolerance specially a small city like Carrefour, are you serious?

people cant sleep, people cant have business
let me tell you this, as a Soldiers with a force of 15 to 20 Soldier we can put peace on biggest city then Carrefour or esle where in Haiti.

so if i have a chance i will build the same forces to help with insecurity .that's all for now i am looking forward to hear from someone, or someone tell someone there are still Haitian who care for the home land

for your support email me at
topalbertyjean at
i am working in that charity web site, it will come soon.
SPC Jean
Thank you

Spc Jean A.a, October 27 2009, 4:56 AM

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