a time for recontruction

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We are in an historical time of our history and I hope that the president has noticed and is taking the opportunity to pave the way to lifting Haitians from poverty.

We have countries like Taiwan and Venezuela who are willing to support us with their money.

I hope that the government is using every bit of that money to invest in the country s infrastructure, public education; I hope to see that every child in Haiti, regardless of the department or the city he lives, has access to education.

I am tired of hearing that some children has to walk 2 hours on unpaved road just to get to school, in a civil society, it is unacceptable .I hope that the government has plans to ensure that every Haitian student has access to a computer, internet and the likes, there is no reason what so ever that our people shouldn't have those privileges.

Technology is the one of the keys to a successful future and we should be part of it.

I hope that the government has plans to invest in public administration.

I am not even sure if ¾ of the Haitian people ever pay any tax, tax is the best way for government to get money to reinvest in the country, and there is not reason that every Haitian should not be paying their taxes properly.

We have people who are willing to pay for their electricity and yet they cannot get any electricity.

We have people who are willing to pay for clean water and yet they cannot get any clean water.

We have people who are willing to pay for a telephone service and yet, it would take years after they ask for one to actually get one, that is just ridiculous.

We have people that are willing to send containers full of goods to Haiti and yet, the administrational system is so dysfunctional that when the container get to the country, sometimes it takes months before the person actually get the container, this is simply unacceptable.

Where is the government?

LATRINE, almost everyone that has been to Haiti that I have talked to complains about the same thing, latrine, fatra everywhere, and toilet are almost inexistent or so dirty that they don't even have the guts to use them. Come on, this is just primitive.

it is time to live in the 21st century.

So I hope that the Haitian government will use its money solve that problem, to have a sewage system, or look to other country for the technology necessary to deal with that problem.

Recently I was watching a video from youtube.com of the Haitian border with the Dominican Republic, oh man, it was so disgusting.

From the Dominican side it was decent, but from the Haitian side, there were all those naked kids, drinking water from the same river that there was also people washing their clothes, the image was just disgusting.

From our side there was nothing more than just naked kids, garbage in a dirty river.

Then I understand why the Dominicans treat Haitians in their country like that. I don't think that s the image that we want to present of our country.

Our border is like our front door, let is keep it clean and modern.

Come on, for God s sake. We are poor, but that poor.
And for the Haitians who are reading this who wants to know just how poor we are, I THINK WE ARE ONE OF THE 10 POOREST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, AND OUR GDP, which means economy activity in our country, is $14.56 BILLION and we have a population or roughly 8. 5million people, compare to the Dominican republic with about 1million people than us, their GDP, is over 74billion dollars, that means their country is 5times richer than us, and compare to Trinidad, with a population of less than 3million their GDP is over $20billion, THAT S HOW POOR WE ARE, WE NEED TO WAKE UP

Francois E, March 20 2007, 4:05 PM

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