The answer is another war with Dominican Republic to avenge...

Rkgs - October 23 2009, 9:04 AM

The answer is another war with Dominican Republic to avenge the last one lost because the Haitian General was told to return home at once by a Voodoo priest but some Haitians are too stupid to see this as necessary.

While others write nasty and sarcastic comments to people who have tried, in the past, to help Haiti.

I refuse to be of any help any longer to Haiti and these nasty and sarcastic people.

I am happy the government of Bahamas had a night time raid against the Haitians camped out on Abaco island.

It is a white peoples island the original Loyalists (loyal to King George) at time of American Revolution aganinst England went there and they are unhappy with Haitians who sneaked in. I have reported offensive and threatening emails to U.S. Justice Dept. and Homeland Security which is in charge of immigration.

The FBI is now looking for the low life Haitian that murdered five (5) children in FL and then the coward took a plane to Haiti.

They will find him and the garabage will die for his crimes agaist American children! No country in world deserves the poverty and having to eat dirt (mud patties dried in sun!) more than Haiti!! My former boss Ernest Bennett father-in-law to Baby Doc would turn over in his grave laughing at all the problems bankrupt Haiti has today! Good luck to all Haitians in U.S. when stopped by new beefed up immigration authorities!!!

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