I had romised not to participate in this forum ever again, but...

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I had romised not to participate in this forum ever again, but I am compelled to voice my personal opinion, for the last time, after reading Stanley Lucas' piece on the issue of "Dual Citizenship."

I apologize in advance to anyone who would get offended by what I have to say.

This is for Stanley Lucas.

First of all, "Dual citizenship: Some called it a VICTORY!!!" is the title of you post, and yet, you wasted precious time thoughout the entire post rambling about your "pride" of being a Haitian citizen while condemning those who naturalized, and give No indication whatsoever about the outcome/the result/decision of the Haitian parliament on this very issue.

Lucas, has the Haitian parliament ruled in favor of dual citizenship or against it?

Which is which?

It always amazes me listening to some of these so-called educated Haitians speak.

The conclusion of my observation, however, has led me to believe unequivocally that the more these types of Haitians are being educated is the more their lack of reasoning stay the same.

Haitians like Stanley Lucas keep using the same nonsense first grade reasoning capacity to argue against the right of Dual citizenship, nothing of substance.

These people can never prove or show any evidence why granting dual citizenship is bad for the country.

Their arguments have always been about their ability to keep their Haitian citizenship, and for that, as if they deserve to have a cookie.

They seem to approach the issue as if those who had chosen to naturalize would be rewarded "dual citizenship" but those like himself who have managed to keep their Haitian citizenship against all the odds will not get any award.

Stanley lucas, you and all those like yourself who cannot stop crying, mourning, and whining about the dual citizenship issue, need to understand something very important and that is there is what's called "Human Behavior" that is very unpredictable and no one has any control over that. Naturalization is Not a crime a capital sin. It is embraced/accepted/welcomed by the world of nations except Haiti.

Haitians are the only people on earth who ademently believe naturalization to be a crime, traison, and a capital sin.

Stanley, as I said awhile back, I personally know a lot of Haitians, like yourself, who have managed to keep their Haitian citizenship despite it all, and yet, those same Haitians vowed to never go back to Haiti even if the country would become to the level of the United States.

They vowed to never put foot on Haiti's soil and have nothing to do with Haiti period.

As far as those Haitians are concerned, to them, Haiti doesn't exist.

There are also a lot of Haitians who will only keep supporting their families back home but will never put foot in Haiti even if their lives would depend on it.

There are other Haitians who travel to Haiti as often as they can afford it. They are very involved, they still support their relatives back home, and stay in close contact.

There are others, Haitian citizens and Haitians who are naturalized who are still very much "in love" with Haiti.

Many of them are more involved in Haiti doing their best to make a difference in Haiti more than you and many others like yourself would ever do.

People chose naturalization for various reasons that you, and others like you, are Not in any position to judge and condemn.

Keeping your Haitian citizenship despite all the odds doesn't make you a better citizen, or make you more patriotic, or make you more Haitian a better Haitian, or anything else.

First and foremost, Haitians have plentty of reasons Not to like Haiti, plenty of reasons Not to want to keep their Haitian cirizenship status, plenty of reasons Not to ever have anything to do with Haiti, and plenty of reasons not to ever put foot in that country.

Staley, whether you agree or not, Haiti, has destroyed a lot of families.

Haiti has caused lifetime psychological and emotional damage in the lives of a lot of Haitians.

Great numbers of Haitians have lost their lives in the hand of the Haitian government.

Great numbers of Haitians lost their lives in the hand of their own countrymen as well. Great number of Haitians went to jail for no aparant reason.

Great numbers of Haitians got beat up and mistreated for no aparatant reasons whatsoever.

The Haitian goverment and the Haitian population have forced a lot of people into exil and stripped them of their citizenship.

Although the frequency of these crimes, the injustice, the pains and sifferings of the Haitian people has reduced to a certain degree but these kind of things are still remained today, they are still going on in Haiti as we speak.

Since the government will never officially apologize to the Haitian people for everything they have put the people through, giving their citizenship back to them would be at least the right thing to do in order for the government to redeem itself.

And yes, I said it before and I am going to repeat it again, "if it weren't for the diaspora including those who are naturalized, Haiti would have disapeared from the face of the earth a long time ago", and that is my friend a true fact.

According to the last report, the diaspora has transfered a total of $1.5 billion to Haiti in 2007. However the government and the Haitian society have chosen to use that kind of money is beyond the diaspora's control.

Though I will tell you that any competent government with the "know-how" would use such big finacial investment to move their country forward.

Stanley, I would tell you that Not all Haitians who are naturalized will take advantage of the Dual citizenship if the government votes for it, so therefore, no need to get so paranoid, resentful, hateful.

And please, for the love of God, stop rubbing your "Haitian citizen staus" pride on everybody's face. If you are so proud to be Haitian and keeping your Haitian citizenship, why don't you get your **tt back to Haiti and work hard to move your country forward?

Why are you in the diaspora eating hot dogs, humburgers, pizza and chicken wing, and drinking so much cool-aid?

You claim to be Haitian as if you are the most Haitian patriot who care so much about Haiti, and yet, it was you spreading more misery on the Haitian people by mainting the status "quo" while working as agent of USAID, the US government, your master.

Tiba, September 27 2009, 9:26 AM

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