Jacques Dady Jean is the reason to listen to radio in Boston...

Mathieu Pierre - September 23 2009, 4:23 PM

Jacques Dady Jean is the reason to listen to radio in Boston This web site is a modern makouto tools, they don't use the Ouzi anymore, now they are using the internet to intimidate.

I was in Boston when president Preval was running for office.

Jacques Dady Jean paid to run his own paid ad for Preval abd he donated money to the candidate throuht his Boston team. Like most lavalas Jacques a bit disappointed but repeatedly he always said Rene Preval is a good leader.

These Makouto journalist include Laforest and others are jealous about Jacques success.

I am making 45K/Year, thanks to a database class that Jacques offered free of charge.

Beside Jean Bertrand aristide, Jacques Dady Jean is my living hero. I am wishing that the moderator of this blog make an honest efforts to protech geniuing citizen like Jacques


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