We, dessaliens,have Haiti for more than 200 years, we have...

Preacher - September 8 2009, 5:54 PM

We, dessaliens,have Haiti for more than 200 years, we have done a great Job with it.We
killed Dessalines our liberator, most of our presidends died in exile or are living in
foreign land, Duvalier,Cedras, Aristide With their "diakout plin $"Our farms are doing
great, we import 85% of rice.Electricity, we have small generators.

Drinking water, Who need clean water.

We dug a big hole next to our beatiful homes to store our feces and
when it full to the rim, we call 1 800 BAYACOU.

Kidnapping is great, we grab a defense child, woman or old man from US and ask for $$$$$$,we rape, kill our victims even though
we got that we asked for. Everything id good, good,good.Our national soccer team represent us, our government cannot provide the team, they did what they always do, they
beg diaspora for uniform.Pale france, angle,pangnol tounin metie.

Everything is good good good. La pli tombe, labou,moun mourri, good,good.Ingenie'pa ka fait Zegui.Vaccin, medicaman,vitamine merci papa merikin, securite UN la. Clinton tounin bon Dieu

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Shame for all Haitians who beleive in ginving Haiti...

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