Make no mistake about it Dessalinien. Dorvil Vilson, I hope...

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Make no mistake about it Dessalinien.

Dorvil Vilson, I hope you will find your answer here.

This stupid idea - I understand - comes from the Haitian Diaspora particularly those who swore allegiance to the United States when they took their "Oath of Citizenship".

Read related post # 15230 by Islande Claircius on 6/22/09 6:17 PM ( in this blog.

They represent a minority; they do live in Haiti or have no property there.

A few can not even speak Haitian Creole properly and never learn Haitian French.

The Haitian Constitution rightfully banned them from exercising certain political and civil rights because they have renounced and abjured all alliance and fidelity to Haiti.

They claim that Haiti is a lawless nation, yet, they are the ones who expect Haiti to bend her laws to adopt their dual citizenship propaganda.

They claim that they send a lot of money to Haiti, but the national budget of the Haitian government has no item related to the contribution or donation of the Diaspora.

They claim that they support their Haitian families who lived in Haiti when in fact; one of their primary goals in becoming a U.S. citizen is to bring all their parents and all their siblings out of Haiti - which they have largely achieved.

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Haiti will never be part of the United States or bend to its laws or be subject to them. We are better than that!

Mr. Bill and Mrs. Hillary Clinton are flattering the Haitian people and its Diaspora to lure our country into giving away or to steal its untapped natural resources so the United States can find new revenue sources to pay off their ever growing now twelve trillions dollars foreign debts.

The recently elected President of the United States raised the U.S. debt ceiling just a few weeks after he took office.

He is a big spender - worse than any previous U.S presidents.

In his view, the solution to each U.S. problem is for the U.S. Government to go deeper in debts - that's money they do not even have!
It is predicted that before the end of this year 2009, the United States will again reach the new public debt ceiling set earlier this year. Every other country denies their request for additional loans.

As we speak, U.S. Citizens continue to loose their homes; their jobs and the U.S. Government can not honor their debts at home and abroad.

If you understand French better, please allow me to translate this for you to prevent any confusion:

"Les Etats-Unis sont dans le Karcar"

Now, honestly, do you think they have the moral or credibility to govern Haiti or should we ask our Président His Excellence René Préval to come to the rescue of our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora?

Tijak Des Salines, September 8 2009, 4:23 PM

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Make no mistake about it Dessalinien. Dorvil Vilson, I hope you will find your answer here. This stupid idea – I... read more >
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