Now, now that isn't going to help the problems of Haiti and...

Rkgs - September 8 2009, 5:30 AM

Now, now that isn't going to help the problems of Haiti and mans mistakes were related to his youth and his marriage to the Bennett woman and her father (his father-in-law).

Some posters here have praised conditions during his time as being better than they are today so to dwell on his past mistakes is a waste of times.

Lets heed the calls for unity and for the sake of everyone in Haiti lets move forward and not dwell on the past. Read the posts concerning the liberation of the entire island and therein lies hope for all the people of Haiti even though costs will be involved.

But there are costs now as people attempt to escape Haiti and we read about their overloaded boats turning over and people drowning and all the illegals in U.S. could be shipped home first time they need to go to hospital or a cop stops them. The solution is unity and new goals to lift all the people of Haiti and best option is to go back and correct mistakes of history when Haiti was winning the war to liberate the island and would have won it if it were not for bad advice of a voodoo doctor.

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